About Us

About us

Why Les Aliments Suprême?

Often we are asked how Les Aliments Suprême poultry products compare to that of others in the industry. The question is fair but difficult to answer since we have no interest or way of truly investigating competing products. To answer is to also express an unfair bias! What we can say is that Les Aliments Suprême begins by purchasing primary products from the most reputable slaughterhouses in Quebec and other provinces. This ensures initial freshness and proper manipulation. Thereafter, the product is received in a relatively small but state of art plant facility outfitted to standards exceeding legal requirements. The chicken products are then transformed and portioned by dedicated, loyal, and highly experienced workers, also being selected among the best in the industry. The finished products are then bagged, sealed and boxed for delivery, always without any improper additives or manipulations designed to distort weight or freshness. Our desire is to remain among the leaders in the industry in this four phase process.

The above summarizes our business model and process which we stand by and meticulously implement while ensuring constant operational supervision. Nevertheless, we constantly strive to improve our plant procedures on a regular basis while wishing to provide the consumer a first quality chicken product. Excellence is an ongoing exercise requiring continuous learning and evolution.

Ultimately, there is no better test than client satisfaction!

HACCP: Les Aliments Suprême is a federally registered establishment that meets the hygiene and food safety standards (RSAC).
GFSI: Les Aliments Suprême has the FSSC 22000 certificate based on the ISO 22000 and ISO 22002 standards for the food safety management system.

We welcome and take pride in onsite visits by client representatives which always help us improve our practices while also disclosing our level of operational transparency. We see ourselves as partners with our clients working in unison to achieve the goal of excellence. It will be our pleasure to provide a tour of our facility during normal business operations to any authorized client representatives.